who we are

behind the name



(n) pioneering creatives discovering spaces through the eye of the archer

our mission

We are committed to sustainability.

We are committed to individuality.

We are committed to timeless architecture.

We are committed to finding the hidden potential.

We are committed to the harmonious interplay of people and places.

We are committed to intelligent planning, precision detailing, and problem solving.

We are committed to developing design expertise.

We are committed to inspiration and imagination.

We are committed to preserving heritage.

what we believe in

Before we even put pen to paper, we think a few decades ahead. Would our designs still resonate with Sydneysiders fifty years into the future?

Are we developing mere buildings, or places?

Our vision is to create spaces marked by timeless architecture. We give nods to classic shapes and silhouettes, but we also apply a certain neo-futuristic element to everything we touch.

We’re all about design that works.

the team


Ramy Tawadros is the Director, the marksman, the dreamer, the inspiration, our expert.With extensive experience in every aspect of residential design, commercial design, hospitality, and urban planning, he is our jack of all trades, master of all. He is also a member practice of the Australian Institute of Architects and is registered with the Architects Registration Board of New South Wales.


Nikoo Dadgar is Arquero’s incredible Assistant Architect and Interior Designer. Her wealth of international experience brings fresh perspectives and incredible creativity.

Haryady Sebastian is our Architectural Consultant. Specializing in exceptional project management and excelling in documentation. Best-dressed, no competition

Moira Tripp is the Office Manager, the


Kerri-Ann Kennedy is our resident Interior Designer and tea-drinker extraordinaire. With a well-trained eye for colour, texture, and beauty, she inspires harmonious design wherevershe goes. Her incredible knowledge of Australian and International suppliers old, new, funky, and classic make her an invaluable resource.